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Welcome to Codes & Chaos, Thomas Wiloch's official website.

Thomas Wiloch is a writer of darkly surreal prose.

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August, 2008: Just created a pdf edition of my prose poem collection Stigmata Junction. Available for only $1.00 paid via PayPal. Once you've sent payment, you will be sent the file via email.

Cover art for Avant-Garde for the New Millenium, upcoming anthology from Raw Dog Screaming Press containing my story "Performance Equations."

July, 2008: Started a blog called "A Man of Few Words," all about prose poems, flash fiction, microfiction, and related forms of writing.

My flash fictions "The Good Samaritan," "Planting Flowers," "The Black Box," and "The Find" are posted at MicroHorror.com.

June, 2008: My prose poem "The Floating Child" has been accepted at Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poems and Flash Fiction.

April, 2008: My story "Performance Equations" has been chosen for the anthology Avant-Garde for the New Millenium, to be published by the Raw Dog Screaming Press.

March, 2008: My flash fictions "The Picnic," "Clouds," and "Big Day" are posted at MicroHorror.com. My flash fiction "Lunch with Relatives" is posted at One-Screen Stories.

February, 2008 News: My flash fictions "The Card Game" and "The Mirror" are posted at MicroHorror.com. My prose poems "The Treachery" and "The Abnormality" have been accepted for a special prose poem issue of Star*Line, the newsletter of the SF Poetry Association. My flash fiction "The Drowning" has been accepted for Flashshot, an e-zine.

January, 2008 News: My review of Felix Feneon's Novels in Three Lines appears in the winter, 2007-2008 issue of Rain Taxi.

October, 2007 News: Screaming in Code is "acerbic, wry, and slightly gruesome," according to Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2007, just out. Only slightly gruesome?

February, 2007 News: Big honor this month. Screaming in Code has been named to the preliminary ballot for the 2006 Bram Stoker Award of the Horror Writers Association under the category "Superior Achievement in Poetry"! HWA members will now vote and come up with a list of final nominees. Winners will be announced in March.

SEPTEMBER NEWS: Two honors: The latest volume of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror gives an "honorable mention" to my poem "Dissection" from Stigmata Junction. Editor Ellen Datlow, writing in her 2005 Horror Summation essay, also calls Stigmata Junction "wonderful." Much appreciated!

JANUARY NEWS: Six of my prose poems are posted at the Big Toe Review (Motto: "Where Prose Poems Go to Do Naughty Things").

For more information about me and my writings, check Who's Who in America 2007 edition, International Authors and Writers Who's Who, Contemporary Authors, Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, Writers Directory, Who's Who Among U. S. Writers, Editors and Poets, the Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes, and Contemporary Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poetry. Also try my Wikipedia entry. Thanks!

Web site copyright 2008 by Thomas Wiloch

The website name Codes & Chaos comes from a column I wrote for PhotoStatic magazine which focused on the occult and the avant garde. I've always thought the title captured the essential nature of this game we're in; that is, the unknowable universe where we have been incarnated without our consent and the various methods we use to put some order and control on this puzzling existence. Those original columns are gathered together here, along with my book reviews and links to some of my online prose poems. Come in out of the cold, make yourself comfortable, and browse through the texts available at this "website among the ruins"


That's right. Here's where you can purchase signed copies of my new prose poem collection Screaming in Code ($8) and the always-popular Stigmata Junction (yet more prose poems; $6). Just email me at twiloch(at)wowway(dot)com with your order and mailing address and I'll bill you via PayPal. Quick, easy, and guaranteed to make your life--and mine--seem worthwhile.

Stigmata Junction is still available as an e-book from Fictionwise.

Screaming in Code is available in both print and e-book versions from Lulu.

My 1995 collection Mr. Templeton's Toyshop is available directly from the publisher, Wordcraft of Oregon/Jazz Police Books, for $9.95.

Three of my chapbooks of cut-up haiku--Night Rain, Decoded Factories of the Heart, and Neon Trance--are available for $3 each from the Runaway Spoon Press.

Michael Scott Cain at Rambles has reviewed Screaming in Code. Click here! Thanks much, Michael!

Michael Arnzen has written a review of Screaming in Code, posted here and included in his Goreletter e-zine (Vol. 4.03, Feb 11, 2007). Also available here. Very much appreciated!

Two reviews from C. Dennis Moore at the SF Reader web site: An enthusiastic review of Stigmata Junction here and a great review of Screaming in Code here. Thanks much!

A great online review of Mr. Templeton's Toyshop, for the Council for the Literature of the Fantastic Newsletter, is found here.

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